Our company




Our business idea is to offer a model portal on the Internet for everyone, where we
mediate assignments in the fashion, media, and advertising industries worldwide.



The project is an Internet portal, in other words a company that conducts its entire business by mediating assignments from various clients to models, over the Internet


The word portal can be compared to gathering place, or as in the English community.
It will thus be a marketing site on the Internet for everyone who works/wants to work in the modeling profession and those who are looking for models, mannequins, fair hosts/hostesses or the like for any assignment that they have to offer. It will be open to anyone regardless of height, weight, measurements, nationality, experience, or other limitations that a traditional modeling agency usually has.


It consists of two main groups who, for a fee, can register and present themselves with text and images at the model portal.


"Models", is the group of those who want assignments/jobs as a model, mannequin, host/hostess or similar.
They are divided into the following subgroups: Children (0-12), Teenagers (13-15), Girls (16-29), Boys (16-29), 30 Plus (30-49), Seniors (over 50), XL -models (powerful), Special (twins, triplets, heavily tattooed or pierced people, disabled, etc.), Glamor (over 18) and later also Families and Animals. All the groups are also divided into girls and boys.


"Clients", is the group that has assignments/jobs to offer to the "Models".
They have these divisions: Photographers, Model agencies, Advertising agencies, Stylists, Film/TV/Video companies, Newspapers, Fair organizers, and Schools/Education companies, etc.


The website is partially already built in Swedish, the next step is to translate it into English and then continue with several other languages. In 2024, a total reprogramming of the entire website is planned.


The end goal is a comprehensive modeling agency, with all types of models, mannequins, fair hosts/hostesses and the like from all over the world, translated into about 15 different languages. The model agency will take a leading position on the market and offer various services to the benefit of all parties, as well as have search functions, booking functions and other features that no other existing model agency has today.