Clients are the category of members who have assignments, such as e.g., model, mannequin, fair host/hostess or similar, to offer to the members of the model’s category.


It has the following division: Photographers, Model agencies, Advertising agencies, Stylists, Film/TV/Video companies, Newspapers, Fair organizers, and Schools/Education companies, etc.


Unregistered clients will be able to book models for a booking fee.




Professional photographers, amateur photographers, and photography clubs.

Model agencies

Professional agencies, Internet agencies and some other types of agencies/intermediaries.

Film/TV/Video company

Professional film and video companies, TV companies and amateur filmmakers of various kinds.

Advertising agencies

Advertising agencies, large and small.


Stylists of various kinds, makeup & make-up, hairdressers, skin care, manicure, pedicure, and others.


Magazines/Newspapers of various kinds.

Fair organizers

Fair organizers in this area.

Educational companies

Schools and companies that offer training courses suitable in this field.